TUMS | Belly Buddies

TUMS is a well-known household name throughout the United States. Got a bad tummy? TUMS to the rescue!
It is THE staple over-the-counter product for gut-related problems. However, we found that despite this fame
and presence, the brand’s personality needed a refresh - to remind people of just how much of a lifesaver it is.
#BellyBuddies focuses on building the personality as your “gut’s saving grace.” By using humor,
comparisons are drawn between real-life situations and the role that the product plays.

AD, CW, Design, Video: Chahat Malhotra. CW, Illustrator, Audio: Seth Norton.

AAF Atlanta ADDYs 2022 // Silver, Consumer Campaign

International Design Awards (IDA) 2022 // Honorable Mention

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