During NIKE’s collaboration with SCAD through a SCADpro sponsored course, the team was tasked with building the brand identity
and interactive experiences for the Department of Nike Archives (DNA). On occasion of the brand’s 50th anniversary, NIKE wanted to
introduce DNA to their audience and take them on the brand’s journey, through the years - right from the beginning. Across 10 weeks,
we developed “Legacy In Motion”, a concept that encompasses NIKE’s brand ethos, spirit, and ongoing legacy; which the Archives stand
testament to. My role was to oversee art direction, supervise brand strategy and lead a team of creatives as the Visual Identity team.

Role: Co-Art Director & Strategy Manager | Co-Art Director: Beatrice Ferro 
Visual Designers: Rui Wang, Lynda Zhou, Dyan Szall, Kate Abel, Zamina Donaldson, Anushka Nigam, Arsham Maleki
3D & Motion Designers: Arving Wu, Amr Seoudi, Antony Forcellini
Photographer: Xavier Thompson

The team with Ricardo Gaitan, Genny Richardson & Andre Simmons, NIKE

Presenting the DNA Brand Toolkit to NIKE

Process Website (password: nike_dna)
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